Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We are crowdsourcing marketplace platform to provide benefit to our users for attending live session at a lower price.

For any session, after you register for a session by paying a current price, if more people register, you may able to receive refund of amount you paid minus the session final price. This amount will be processed after session end.

Certain restrictions may apply, and some purchases may only be eligible for credit refunds. For more information regarding our refund policy, please see below.

How to submit a refund request

You do not have to submit a refund request, but the system will automatically process the refund post session end.

Refund status

For answers to commonly asked questions we receive regarding a refund's status, please click here.

No-Show Policy by User

While our refund policy is to allow students to learn at lower price, we must also protect our instructors from fraud and provide them a reasonable payment schedule. Once you register for paid session and if you do not show-up at the session, the entire amount that you have paid will NOT be refunded (no matter the session actual price).

Session cancellation Policy

Cancellation is not possible within 24 hrs from session start time. It will be considered as no-show for a user.

If you cancel for a session any time before 24 hrs, you will get a refund of your money after deduction of final number of participants x discounted price for each participant. It means if you paid 1200 INR and total no of participants are 10 and discount for each participant is 20 INR, you will receive a refund of 1000 INR (1200 – (10x20)).

Additional reasons for denied refunds

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to limit or deny refund requests in cases where we believe there is refund abuse.

Users who have their account banned or session access disabled due to a violation of our Terms and Conditions will not be eligible to receive a refund. We do not grant refunds for any subscription services.

These refund restrictions will be enforced to the extent permitted by applicable law.