Anshu Todi

Hi I am Anshu Todi. I'm a Limitless Life Coach. I help Professionals Be Limitless and achieve success in every area of their life without being extraordinary or genius.

I have been a part of the corporates, startups, play schools, MLM's and been through successes and failures.
Through it all realised my strengths and that I'm much much more than the game I'm playing and so is everyone else.
All my life I have seen the challenges being faced by an average middle class person. We all study just to be job ready. How every Elephant should aspire to fly like the Eagle and how the Eagle should aspire to swim like the Fish.
But neither the schools, nor colleges nor our parents teach us 'How to be Original', 'How to be The Best Version of Ourselves', 'How to be Just Me' and then convert that authentic personality trait to a career that is rewarding and fulfilling.
Doing the things I'm doing wouldn't have been possible, had I not had a mentor or rather mentors in my life. Life is too short to make all kinds of mistakes yourself, learn and move ahead, you also need to learn from other people's mistakes and not repeat the same.
I have come a long way and still have a long way to go. I'm a Masterpiece in progress. On the way I can be the Placebo for you to Transform yourself and Be Your Own Best Version.
Let's get started...

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