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Vishal Thakkar:

Co-founder & CEO at ConTeTra| Corporate Finance Trainer | Finance for Non Finance Trainer & Author | Adjunct Faculty at SP Jain for Business Owners | Finance Mentor for SMEs / Startups | VAT & GST Expert

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant, MBA (Fin), GFMB faculty at SP Jain School of Global Management, fundraiser, facilitator, IFRS expert, author of CNBC published finance books, and owner of 'Finance Tube' YouTube channel.

In 15+ years of hands on coaching & mentoring leaders, I have tried to create a mark in the industry in the finance education space. My vision in life is to empower people and companies, and help them solve their financial challenges. I believe that my purpose in life is achieved I can bring positive changes in the financial lives of people. I have been recording finance training products for retail audience and also conducting corporate batches for various finance topics.

 Mobile: 8097082868


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