Dr (HC) Piyush Goel

Dr. (Hc) Piyush Goel is a resident of Bangalore and an MBA-Marketing /HR by his post graduate credentials from ITM Business school of Bangalore.

Piyush was associated with many known corporate groups in past after his MBA program & have worked on capacity of Vice President - Sales & Business head roles.

To find his inner true self and to build a castle of his dream , he renounced his corporate life as fitness and yoga was always his love and this he decided to quit his job and started journey in yoga.

He has faced rejections , ups downs and roller coasters , severe credit crunches , sleepless nights in absence of funds while building his school brand Trinetra Yoga but always followed path of truth and dharma.

He has built his brand from zero to a well known brand of India & globe and that is without any debt , loan or financial support from anyone.

In this process , he has done many events , workshops , international programs , helped people and spreaded message of love and peace.

At one stage of his life , Piyush was the only one who was fighting for his survival without any support mechanism and no one from near and dear blood relations stood next to him during his thick and thin.

He has also face health related changes a couple of times while performing his duties but he never stepped back and fulfilled his commitments towars the students , Gurus and society.

His core expertise areas are:

1. International Yoga Programs

2. Adhyatma Research & Spirituality

3. Vedic Astrology

4. Occult science

As a vedic astrologer , Piyush has read and advised on unlimited birthcharts and has shared his valuable inputs , that has benefitted all his clients in various aspects of his life.

His testimonial on astrology services are very postive and honoured by his clients across the globe and nation.

As a vedic astrologer Piyush has a deep and different approach to read birth charts and address each house of birth chart representing different aspects of human lives. He is very detailed and precised in his reading and solutions.

Also known as Grandmaster Piyush - His yogic journey started many years ago after his official Sanyas from Corporate world and he has worked under highly proficient teachers and Gurus in the field from Mysore, Pondicherry, and Bangalore. 

Piyush Was honoured and certified as Grandmaster-Hatha Yoga by Yoga Alliance International.

Born and raised in Raipur (Chattisgarh) Grandmaster is a settled Bangalorian for 2 decades & Mysorian (Yoga capital of the world) and uses a hands-on approach on various aspects relevant to different domains of Yoga.

Having trained under Super Masters, he has a grounded approach towards his students in everything he teaches. With a successful history of yoga, he has many testimonials from students about his Teaching methodology, theoretical knowledge and command on the subjects.

He has also been instrumental in maintaining the cordial relationship with Giants, Masters and International coaches in this field who are associated with worldwide organizations of yoga functioning across the globe.

Grandmaster Piyush has earned many international certifications and credentials in different fields of yoga and his area of expertise in yoga are Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Power yoga, Vinyasa flow, Transformational yoga.

He has hold on Meditational yoga, Therapeutic yoga, Kundalini yoga in theoretical and practical aspects as well.

Piyush was also fortunate enough to work with 12 Gurus to get trained and imbibe knowledge on deeper aspects of yoga. Piyush is registered yoga coach/ Teacher with several yoga organizations like World Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance International , World Yoga Organization , Srima School of Transformational Yoga , Meditation Alliance International , Shivananda Yoga.

Grandmaster Piyush has the vision to train thousand and millions of souls to spread the message of peace on a worldwide scale for enhancing world health.


1. Piyush was honoured with Honorary doctorate in Ashtanga-yoga with specialization in (Divinity & Hatha Yoga) for his contribution in the field of yoga in 2019 by a renouned Organization- University of Bangalore.

2. Honoured as Yoga Seva Ratna By a renowned South Indian social and cultural  academy of Chennai in 2019.

3.Honoured as Yoga Mahashiromani- Asia Pacific at an International business award function in Bangalore in 2019

4. Awarded as Best Emerging International Yoga Teacher of South asia at Business Award Function in Bangalore 2019

5. Honoured as Yoga Kalai Chemmal By Social-Cultural Academy in Chennai in 2019

6. His School TrinetraYoga was honoured as Best Emerging World Yoga Alliance School” in 2019.

7. He was also invited as one of the Chief guests and was honoured by few social services organization in Bangalore Mysore to extend his support and share his knowledge in spirituality.

8. Piyush was given National Peace Award by a Social-Cultural Academy of Chennai in 2020

9. Dr.(Hc)Piyush Goel was honoured with India Star Republic Award 2021 on 26th Jan 21 and his name is registreted in India Star book of records , for his book Hinduism to Management and work in Yoga and Astrology.

10. Piyush was awarded and honoured with "Sahityakosh Samman" for his book Hinduism to Management in Jan 2021

11. Piyush was honoured with APJ Abdul Kalam Award By Social n Cultural Academy in Chennai in Feb 2021

12. Piyush's School Trinetra Yoga was honoured as Top 10 Yoga centers across the globe by Excelligent Magazine 2021

13. Piyush was honoured as Best Debut Author in March 2021 for his first book -Hinduism To Management by Cherry book awards

14. His Book Hinduism to management wll be honoured with Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan award in Vrindawan in 2021.

15. His book Hinduism to management was honoured by Chairman of Human rights council of India @ New Delhi

16 . Piyush was honoured with Rising Author Award 2021 by Priyas Wisdom Publication Group

17. Piyush was honoured with Tagore commemorative Honouree Author 2021 by NE8x Group for his literary contribution.

18. Piyush was given Book Honour on World Book day 23rd April 2021 by NE8x Group for his literary contribution.

19. Piyush was declared as Second winner in Non Fiction category by Caesura Book Awards.

20. Piyush was honoured wth J Jayalalitha Award in chennai by South Indian Social and cultural academy.

21. Piyush was honoured with Warrior of Change 2021 Award by AwardsArc group

22. Piyush was honoured as MENTORx Youth Ambassador for his global contribution in spirituality by MENTORx Group.

23. Piyush was honoured as Director In Chief - IDYM Karnataka By IDYM Foundation Bihar India.

24. Piyush was again honoured with his 2nd Honorary Doctorate by Hun Boxing Federation , Turkey - as Doctor Of Philosophy In Humanity & Peace , with specialization in Vedic Astrology, Spirituality and Occult science.

25 Piyush was invited and honoured As Keynote speaker in April 2021 by Skill Reforms on Mental health @ Live in peace vs Rest in peace

26. Piyush was honoured as a Chief guest and speaker on Mental Health  by IGkVV University Raipur

27. Piyush was honoured with Kalam Ratna Award by Kalam Foundation in 2021 for his work as an entrepreuner and Author.

28. Piyush was honoured by Dettol India for their campaign and they posted his picture on Dettol product as an honour.

29. Piyush's school Trinetra Yoga was honoured with " Yoga Samman 2021" by NE8x Group on World Yoga day for his contribution in yoga and beyond

30. Piyush's book was honoured and published in The Asian Chronicle - National news paper and The World's Mirror - An international paper .

31. Piyush was also showcased in The Diaspora Times Global , Menafn & Vividbharti news channel

Vivid bharti link

32. Piyush was honoured with Certificate Of Commitment By World Book Of Records - London for his help to people during Covid 19 and his work in spirituality

33. Piyush was honoured with " Guest Of Honour" by Cherry Book Awards for his work in Yoga , astrology , as an author of spirituality and Occult Master.

34. Piyush's profile and his book were honoured by Punjab Metro News

35. Piyush's profile and his book were honoured by Daily Hunt News

36.  Piyush's profile and his book were honoured by Punjab365News

37. Piyush's profile and his book were honoured by Himachal 24 News

38. Piyush's profile and his book were honoured Menafan International Media

39. Piyush was featured by Brands magazine in 2019 and they published snapshot of his life and biography

40. Piyush was honoured as " Honorary Member" by Oxford EduServe India in 2021

41. Piyush was honoured and nominated for Shaurya Samman by Ab News & Sutra Group

42. Piyush was honoured with International Educationist Award 2021 "Maharana Pratap - The Bravery Award"

43. Piyush's biography was written , interviewed and honoured by The Entrepreneurs Of India (TEOI) in 2021

44. Piyush was showcased and honoured for his astrology work by Punjab 365 News and Himachal 24 News

45 . Piyush was honoured with his third Honorary doctorate - Human Rights by United Nations International Diplomatic Organization for development and peace in July 2021

46. Piyush was honoured with Smt Indira Gandhi Award by South Indian social & cultural academy of Chennai for his contribution in yoga , astrology , as author and spirituality 

47. Piyush was honoured with Rajiv Gandhi Award by South Indian social & cultural academy of Chennai for his contribution in yoga , astrology , as author and spirituality 

48. Piyush's was interviewed on his biography by SPARSH DIL KA Group on Fb Live and he was called as Guest of Honour

You can also check the link below - His school profile , awards and related details & their pictures mentioned above

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2. Grandmaster FB Page

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7. Trinetra Yoga Instagram

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Dr. (Hc) Piyush Goel has more than 19000 Hours of experience in teaching yoga to Indian & international students.  

He has taught and certified more than 200 international yoga teachers who are functioning as International yoga coach in different parts of the world including Indian subcontinent.

Piyush is also loved and appreciated for his calculations and work in Astrology By many clients , students in India and abroad.

Piyush is the Founder President of Trinetra Yoga (South Asia) His yoga Retreat hub is international located in Srilanka and Nationally headquartered in Bangalore and Goa.

Dr.(Hc)Piyush Goel started his journey As An Author - with his first book known as Hinduism to Management in November 2020 .

His book is listed on below mentioned online platforms






He has taken a deep dive in the ocean of Adhyatma & spirituality for spreading the message of inward journey with all divine routes of life.

Dr.(Hc) Piyush Goel

Grandmaster-Hatha Yoga (South East Asia)

Hon.Doctorate - Ashtanga Yoga by IVAPE Uni

Hon.Doctorate- Astrology, Occult , Spirituality

Founder/President- Trinetra Yoga (APAC)

Director In Chief - IDYM Foundation

Author- Hinduism To Management

Youth Ambassador - MENTORx

Yoga Mahashiromani (APAC)

Yoga Kala Chemmal-India

Yoga Seva Rathna-India

 Mobile: 9916803456


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