Dr. Rekhaa Kale

I am PERSONAL & EMAIL TRAINER +HEALER in REIKI(All 10 levels), KRIYA REIKI(Founder), ACU-REIKI(Founder), VISHITAO(Founder), PAST LIFE HEALING WITHOUT HYPNOSIS(Founder), AURA HEALING, REIKI DOWSING(Founder) Mail: Tel: 09820044254 Teaching all the above said Alternate healing methods + Logic & Psychology + Communication skills; Practicing medicine; giving Legal counseling & Family counseling since more than past 35 years. Written about 14 to 15 non-fiction books about Reiki, Feng shui, past life healing, meditation, dowsing etc. as well as about 8 to 10 text books that are in Market since last 15+years.. 9820044254 are my contact details.

 Mobile: 09820044254


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