Neha Gupta Garud

  • Life Skills Facilitator/Trainer | Happiness & Success Coach | NLP Master Practitioner | Fitness Enthusiast | Mental, Emotional & Physical Health Advocate

  • Neha is an Emotional Intelligence Expert, who believes in Living a Conscious Life driven by Purpose, being her Best and being her own Competition.

Her Mission is to be a catalyst in people's journey of elevating their Emotional Quotient to find balance and lead happier and fulfilling personal and professional lives with meaningful relationships.

As a Facilitator/Trainer, she engages with Professionals from across the globe through Webinars and Experiential Workshops for enhancing their Life Skills. As a Parenting Coach, she assists Parents in raising an Emotionally Fit and Happy Generation. As an NLP Master Practitioner she specializes in Life Transforming personalized Counseling & Coaching.

Her indomitable spirit coupled with empathy and patience ensures her group & personalized interactions are result-oriented.

 Mobile: 9987083307
Email: [email protected]


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